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System Administration Consultants

3Tech Corporation - 3Tech Corporation is high technology information systems services company. 3Tech provides technology consulting, integrated systems and solutions, technical support services and network integration.

Anchor Consulting - Specializing in Web Page Creation, Graphic Design, Hardware & Software Sale, and User Support. Let us get you up on the web quickly and affordably.

Anix group Limited - AIX,RS6000,RS6000 SP,Netfinity and Oracle Consultants.

C&S System Solutions - WE specilaize in Windows NT, Unix, Linux networking, system setups provide hardware, complete turnkey solution including intranets etc...

CNS - We are an IT Consulting Firm and a Systems Integrator that plans and deploys information technology, addressing your project needs from concept to deployment.

D&D Consulting - You benefit from services offered through our range of strategic partnerships with consulting organizations and suppliers.

Deer Run Associates - A firm specializing in networked systems management and security. Training services available.

Frigate Networks - Network Troubleshooting and System Administration. Kernel development and ports of BSD software to comercial products.

FSA Corp. - A Canadian software company specializing in UNIX security, performance, and system administration.

INA Inc. - INA Inc. provides wide area of consulting services all over USA. We specialise in Unix/NT/Database Administration, C/C++/Java/VB development and much more.

Integral Methods Corporation - We provide Unix System Administration and Intra/Internet consulting services.

Integration Consulting, Inc. - SCO UNIX and Red Hat Linux Authorized Reseller UNIX System Integrators and UNIX Technical Consultant IBM AIX Certified Professional

InterWeb Communications - UNIX administration and solutions. Networking and Intranetworking solutions. Database design and digital publishing.

Labyrinth Computer Services - Sysadmin experts in DNS, mail, security, inter-networking, and training. We know PERL.

Log-n Computing - located in NY State's Capital Region, security planning and testing; Internet marketing strategies; Internet connectivity; and UNIX systems administration.

Lucent Technical Services - UNIX Training - basics to system and network administration, consulting services, computer security, firewalls

Meyer Consulting - Unix consulting, including administration, custom programming, and network connections.

Milligan Consulting Services - Unix system administration and programming consulting.

Nancy P. Milligan - System administration, programming and Internet Consulting. NMCS has 13 years experience with Unix and system administration.

NDA - Network engineering, system administration, UNIX,NT Service, Solutions, Support.

Nemasys Technologies - Nemasys Technologies specializes in Unix system administration and network management services for small businesses and individuals. - We provide Unix,Internetworking, and Security services to a wide variety of clients.

ObjectSolve - Your source for all your Information Technology needs.

Paranet, Inc. - A select group of the most talented people in the field of computer system networking, dedicated to creating the industry's best solutions.

Pencom Systems Administration - Is now Collective Technologies

Precisionet Computer Consultants - Precisionet provides expert on-site UNIX consulting in Arizona

Pyramid Design Inc. - UNIX training, administration, and consulting. HP-UX, Solaris, SunOS, IRIX, SCO, AIX. 17 years experience.

RABA Technologies, Inc. - provides commercial and government customers with highly skilled UNIX systems administrators and systems/applications developers.

Robinson Consulting Service - UNIX systems consulting, engineering and sales. Specializing in SunOS, Solaris and AIX with a subspecialty in Enterprise Management (network and systems monitoring and event notification) and Process Engineering. Serving the Washington D.C Metro area.

Root Group - Specializing in Network Consulting, Security and System Administration. Sun, Cisco, Bay Networks reseller and Sun campus agent for the midwest.

RTD Systems & Networking - computer consulting firm focusing on Unix and TCP/IP administration and networking.

SFI Technology Services - SFI is dedicated to providing world class UNIX consulting Services. The SFI Director effectively manages large heterogenous UNIX Envrionments.

Starshine Technical Services - Providing support and training for System Administrators: Specializing in Requirements Analysis, Risk Assessment, Disaster and Capacity Planning, and Security Auditing.

Stokely Consulting - Stokely Consulting - Management of Unix Systems, Software Processes and Projects. Internet connectivity, Sun administration, PC-Unix integration, data analysis and Perl programming.

Taos - Taos Mountain Software provides expert Unix services and training to the San Francisco Bay Area.

TheAdmins - Unix Systems administration specialists, Security for Internet/Intranet Network Design & Management, Project Management.

Teclata - Teclata remote UNIX support offers a wide variety of sysadmin services, including an email support plan. Expert help, when and where you need it.

UNICON, Inc. - A full service UNIX and LAN/WAN consulting firm covering the greater Phoenix area.

Uniforce Informatique Inc. - Advanced Unix administration, integration (Security, inter/Intranet) and development (internal, C/C++/Java). Network Management.

Unitek Systems - A multi faceted company that offers IT consulting, contracting, and training services to many corporations in Silicon Valley.

Wetware - The design and implementation of large scale distributed/cooperative solutions for large companies (whew!). Mixed in there is some general Unix consulting as well.

WSRCC - A small Unix/C consulting firm with a Turn-key internet package available for companies wishing to get on the internet quickly.

XOR Network Engineering, Inc. - A consulting firm specializing in UNIX system administration and network design.

ZinggVentions, Inc. - .... Jacks of All Technologies .... UNIX Systems, Hardware/Software, Networking Programming, and Intellectual Property Development

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