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Network Hardware Vendors

Advantage Business Computer Systems, Inc. - Specializing in UNIX and UNIX Networking. High speed and Fiber Optic Networks.

3Com - Manufactures the networking hardware often referred to as the "plumbing" that connects computers to one another.

Bay Networks/Synoptics - To help you migrate to the switched internetwork of the future, at your own pace, while extending the life of existing investments.

Cabletron Systems - The complete networking solution

Central Data - Central Data provides a full line of serial port connectivity solutions for UNIX workstations from Sun, HP, IBM, SGI, and DEC. SCSI, Ethernet, and PCI-based products are available.

Cisco Systems, Inc. - The Leading Global Supplier of Enterprise Networks.

Digital Equiptment Corp. - For high availability storage with fast, easy access to terabytes of data in your distributed, multivendor environment.

DirectNet, Inc. - Compare KVM Switch technology: DirectNET 42U specializes in Hi-End KVM solutions from the leading KVM manufacturers: Avocent (Apex & Cybex), Aten, CCC, Lightwave, Minicom, Raritan, Rose, etc.

Fore Systems, Inc. - At the Forefront of ATM Networking.

Kingston Tech. - Manufactures over 1,600 products, incl uding Networking and PC Card connectivity products, Memory, Processor and Storag e Upgrades.

Livingston Enterprises - develops and manufactures a complete line of products enabling computer users to access remotely located resources over local- and wide-area networks.

Morning Star Technologies Inc. - We make wide-area communications products for low-cost Internet connectivity, branch office LAN integration, and telecommuting applications.

Multipoint Networks - Designs and manufactures digital wireless communication systems for Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN).

Newbridge Networks - A world leader in digital networking solutions.

OpenROUTE Networks, Inc. - makes internet access and multiprotocol routers. Products include the fast and inexpensive GlobeTrotter routers, as well as high performance multiport routers.

Proteon, Inc. - Proteon, Inc. is a manufacturer of Token Ring and Ethernet NIC cards, hubs, switches and related equipment. It's subsidiary OpenROUTE Networks, Inc. was the first company to build routers for internetworking.

Software Group - We market and support a family of inter-networking cards for connecting personal computers to X.25 or Frame Relay Network.

Specialix - Specialix provides solutions for all of your multiuser I/O and LAN connectivty requirments. All major UNIX platforms are supported. We can also provide custom solutions through our Worldwide OEM division as well.

Telebit - Analogue Modems and ISDN Routers BRI and PRI E1/T1 Isdn products for American and European ISDN nets.

Western Scientific - A leading manufacturer of data storage and archiving peripherals for the UNIX computing environment.

Whitetree, Incorporated - ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) networking technology and products.

Xylan - The leader in the complete transformation of computer networking to switched, dedicated, high-speed connections.

Vandgard - Provides high quality strategies for improving and managing your network and enterprise.

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