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APTI Consultores - Empresa dedicada a ofrecer soluciones integrales en redes, seguridad, bases de datos, desarrollo de páginas WEB y tiendas virtuales, etc.
AshCom Solutions - offers end-to-end computer consulting solutions for small businesses in PC, MAC and Unix platforms.
Barbary Coast Consulting, Inc. - Custom programming for Unix environments, specializing in Porting, EDI and Securities.
Bluestone Inc. - a UNIX consulting, training and software development company, creators of Sapphire/Web, the hottest Web development tool around!
CCSales - A Unix house with tons of FreeBSD expertise. All Internet implementations and some general business ones as well.
Cloud Seven, Inc. - performs contract work on Unix, X-window, and Real Time related services.
Computer Systems Consulting - Computer Systems Consulting is small start up company that specializes in consulting for UNIX computer systems (primarily SunOS).
Consultis - is a singularly-focused Information Technology staffing and consulting services provider.
The Coppick Group - The Coppick Group is based in Portland, Oregon and provides Internet/Intranet, TCP/IP, and UNIX Solutions.
Crosscape Technology Ltd - Crosscape Technology Ltd is provides Unix Administration Consulting. We have over 10 years experience with many Unix platforms. Crosscape also provides consulting to Christian Organisations. Crosscape is based in Sydney, Australia
DAOU Systems, Inc. - DAOU Systems, Inc. is a provider of integrated information technology (IT) solutions and services to the U.S. healthcare industry. DAOU's capabilities range from up-front strategic consulting to IT system design, implementation and long-term tactical support. DAOU's information technology offerings include Unix and Networking Consulting, Applications, Integration and Communications Infrastructure.
Electric Gypsy Consulting - Wichita, KS
FAB Consulting, Inc. - Your software, support, sales, and design for almost all UNIX platforms.
For-to-Win - Expert Conversion of Mainframe/ Mini/ Unix/ DOS Fortran Software to MS Windows.
Frontier Systems, Inc. - Expert solution provider in computer consulting services.
G & R Data Group, Inc. - provides service and support to the southeast UNIX community.
GB Data Systems - We are a FreeBSD/ISP consulting firm. We do startups and maintnance of sites.
Global Micro Solutions - We specialize in building Intranets and Internets customized for your organization. We also provide Solaris, Sendmail, Apache, firewall, and other consulting. We are an ISP for the Japanese business and personal community in the US.
Hammerhead Consulting - Specializing in Sun Solaris systems, over 10 years experience.
Information Concepts, Inc. - 12 years of experience in the development and integration of systems using UNIX platforms and Client/Server implementations.
Init - Specializing in UNIX consulting, Administration, Internet and Intranet server design and installation, And general network and IS consulting/outsourcing.
Integration Technologies - Providing UNIX Systems Adminsitration and Network consulting to the US Navy. We also support WWW, GIS and network security. Private businesses Welcome!
Johnston and Associates, Inc. - Information management and technical consulting firm specializing in product-turnaround, process redesign, configuration management systems, and UNIX product development.
Key Network Solutions, Inc - Network solutions for UNIX, Windows and OS/2. We specialize in Accounting Systems, Custom Database Applications and WWW Site design.
Lambda Systems Ltd. - Software Solutions, Consulting and Training for UNIX, Windows 95, Windows NT.
Larry A. Walker & Co. - High Performance Networking, X/Motif, System Programming. Providing services to companies in the Dulles Corridor of N. Va.
Memra Software Inc. - specializing in planning and installation of Internet services in companies or Internet Service Providers using BSDI, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and SCO UNIX.
Microguild, Inc. - Software and System Development from Specification, through Design and Coding, to Final Test - Windows, Windows 95, NT, UNIX, and Embedded Systems.
Omnicron Data Systems Home Page - Consultant specializing in OS (Unix) internals and systems programming, device drivers, embedded systems, communications, networking, protocols, electronic mail, graphics, and the Internet.
Primary Consulting Services, Ltd - Professional Computer Consulting and Development Services for SCO Unix, Novell Netware, Lotus Notes, Client/Server Solutions and Custom Software Development.
RED Security - Spanish Unix Security Consultant. Realizamos auditoriase informes de la (In)Seguridad Informatica de su red. Profesionalidad, seriedad y discrecion.
Sokol and Assoicates - Advanced ISP and Web Developer support Specializing in Xing Technology Streamworks OEM for the best fault-tolerant Internet Camera.
Spectrum Concepts Consulting Corporation - is an information technology consulting firm providing consulting resources to Fortune 100 clients since 1979.
Stephen Martin I.T. consultancy - *BSD* system admin frontpage 98/200x server extensions assistance..Web Development perl CGI DBI & php. - Corporate UNIX Systems Administration Consultants Specializing In SUN Systems
Tristate Unix Solutions - Drop an email to Tristate Unix Solutions for UNIX consulting services in OHIO, KY, AND INDIANA. And remember, HPUX is our specialty!
Uniforce Informatique Inc. - Advanced Unix administration, integration (Security, inter/Intranet) and development (internal, C/C++/Java). Network Management.
ZinggVentions, Inc. - .... Jacks of All Technologies .... UNIX Systems, Hardware/Software, Networking Programming, and Intellectual Property Development

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