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A look at the tail and date utilities

A simple method of logging

Basics - from the University of Edinburgh

Command line psychology 101

Compressing files in Unix

Date arithmetic, Part 1

Date arithmetic, Part 2

Date arithmetic, Part 3

Four fun Unix commands

Fundamentals - New Mexico Tech Computer Center

Go to the end of the line

Grasping more of the vi editor

Grasping the vi editor

Grep this

Hands-off editing with sed, Part 1

Hands-off editing with sed, Part 2

Introduction to the UNIX Operating System - RICE University

Intro to UNIX System Administration

ls: Little big man

Processing files with awk

Processing files with awk, part 2

Purging the process

Purging the process, Part 2

Quick lessons on shell programming

Search and replace with vi, part 1

Security basics, Part 1

Security basics, Part 2

Sending signals

Shell programming and simple menus -- part 1

Shell programming and simple menus -- part 2

Small fry Unix commands can get the job done, part 2

Study Guide

Subtracting dates

System Administration Tasks and Duties

The language of shells

Tips on good shell programming practices

Too small to keep, too big to throw back

Traveling down the Unix PATH

Understanding Unix shells and environment variables

Understanding Unix shells and environment variables, Part 2

Unix command line 101: How much do you know?

Unix Filesystem - Here's how it works.

Unix for Users

Unix Help For Users

Unix: Introduction to Unix for Web Developers

Using bc, Part 1

Using bc, Part 2

Using cron basics

Using find to locate files

Using history and command line editing

Whatcha' gonna make

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