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Programming Consultants

Armadillo Software Corporation - State of the art software development using C++; OS/2, Win32, and Unix; specializing in software Internationalization (I18N).

Bluestone - Unix Development tools including GUI, Object Oriented, Database and Client/Server application development.

Compute Intensive - a Software Services Company specializing in providing customers the critical computing expertise and tools needed to obtain the performance they require from the UNIX environment

Conklin Systems - Conklin Systems is a consulting research and development shop. A "skunkworks for hire", most of our customers are other software development companies. Our R&D results in shipping product.

Cookware - cookware provides Silicon Graphics development work and solutions for other Unix workstations and DOS based machines.

Daylight Software - Our focus is on designing, developing, debugging and documenting software in the Unix environment.

DreamPark Development - a custom software development house specializing in business, entertainment and graphic applications for the MSDOS, Windows and Unix markets.

Electric Gypsy Software & Consulting - Custom development of UNIX, Windows and DOS software.

Hundred Acre Consulting - a consulting company specializing in UNIX, DOS and embedded software development, and support for GNU software; cross compilers in particular.

Kenton Lee - specializes in the design and development of UNIX GUI software using the X Window System and OSF/Motif. (Kenton Lee email address)

Professional Computer Manufacturers - South African company that supplies hardware and offer software support for SCO unix, Microsoft Windows NT, etc..

RABA Technologies, Inc. - RABA Technologies is a leading professional services consulting company offering advanced technical professionals servicing the UNIX workstation and server marketplace.

Strata Software Limited - specializing in data communications, Windows (MFC, Win16, Win32), Unix, and security.

Taos - Taos Mountain Software provides expert Unix services and training to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Technology Investments, Inc. - specializing in client/server application development including PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, SQL, Lotus Notes, Informix, UNIX and MQ.

WSRCC - A small Unix/C consulting firm with a Turn-key internet package available for companies wishing to get on the internet quickly.

Zoologic - Software Design and Coding Animals - Unix system and network consultants. Software design and implementation.

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