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The Perfect Computer

The Perfect Computer
By Flynn 1000101

    It was love at first sight
    And I knew we were right.
    So without hesitation, I never saw a demonstration.
    But I should have known, that in the end
    She would cause me such fustration.

    I took her to my place and threw her on the table.
    She knew what was ahead, so I hooked up the cables.
    After a couple of drinks I noticed something odd,
    It couldn't be true, she only had a 300 baud.
    But even though she posed such a fright,
    I had another drink and thought "what the hell, I'll take a byte".

    When it came time to hook up my input device
    It was only 3 1/2 inches, but luckily it sufficed.
    I was careful when I slid in my floppy,
    So she wouldn't think that I was real sloppy.
    I nibbled and fiddled on her keyboard all night
    Knowing that her hardware would display with such delight.

    When morning came, she needed a rest.
    She obviously knew, she was worked on by the best.
    But this failed, she ran out of ram.
    I never saw it coming since she cost me 5 grand.
    When she crashed, she left with such a bang,
    And all I have now is my little Wang.

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