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JAVA Applets

BLUE-SKIES for Java - Blue-Skies for Java is a Java Applet which interprets and displays "Interactive" Weather Maps, containing a weather image in which textual information on current conditions and forecasts is embedded.

Buckminster's Pizza Dome - The Nowhere Band members rehearse late and live on pizza. Tired of pre-arranged pizza, the band wants to be able to put their pepperoni where they want.

Chilly's Applets

Dimension X Java

EarthWeb Java - EarthWeb serves Gamelan, the Java Registry, with Sun. Visit our site to see our latest Java creations!


Fractal Java Generator - Explore the Mandelbrot set with this interactive fractal generator

HotWired Java hacks

Impressionist, The - A paint program that lets you create a painted representation of a photograph.

Java Applets []

Java Demo

Java Test Server - Wall-Bounce Demo, Nervous Text, Sine-Wave Text Demo

John's Java Playground

KaleidoHead - Derek2.0 visualizes bandwidth overload on his way in for a makeover. Makeup - Isabel X imagines a way for her fans to rearrange the colors and features of her face on demand, but she tests it out to be sure it doesn't work properly.

MK's Java Page - Useful alpha and Beta (mostly) applets

Morgan Media's Java Stuff

Nervous Text


Nizze's Java Applets

NoBubs - a very simple applet that draws a "no" sign over anyone else deemed a bad influence.

Page JAVA de JC Dufourd

Pat's Java Apps

Stones JAVA Lounge - YO! Dis is da Lounge. Hangout wit da Stones.

Test Editeur - display vector graphics from a file

Web with HotJava []

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