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Administration Tools Software

adduser - will directly insert a new user into the hash password file.

chklogs - Perl script for maintenance on all system logs.

config.tar.Z - config print details of your machine and C compiler configuration

csdsdb - A small database that can be used to keep track of what software is installed on a system, who installed the software, when the software was installed,etc...

diskuse.tar.Z - diskuse report disk usage

Disktool - from Artecon. Simple, straight-foward, freeware GUI for SunOS 4.1.x and Solaris 2.x disk label and partition setting. Be sure to have your LD_LIBRARY_PATH set.

dugraph.tar.Z - dugraph grapical display of diskusage

ftwalk - an awk-like programming language for file management, system administration, general scripts, prototyping, interactive use.

GASH - A sophisticated, integrated NIS and DNS management system which allows you to securely share administration privileges for subsets of your NIS and DNS maps.

getpw.tar.Z - getpw get password file entry

hey.tar.Z - hey write to all terminals that a person is using

idle.tar.Z - idle log off idle users (BSD)

idled - A "demon" that runs on a machine to keep an eye on current users. If users have been idle for too long, or have been logged on for too long, it will warn them and log them out appropriately.

idledaemon.tar.Z - idledaemon auto-logout idle terminals

idletime - A perl script to get rid of idle users.

install.tar.Z - install install programs in (public) directories

junkmail.tar.Z - junkmail delete undesired mail from /usr/spool/mail

lastlog.tar.Z - lastlog print last login time for all users

logAn - A sophisticated terminal server log analysis program, designed for the Annex 3 terminal server, but modular enough for easy use with other types.

Login information - Scripts for caching login information.

lu.tar.Z - lu list users

mon.tar.Z - mon display system activity

net-notify.tar.Z - net-notify sends a message to all logged in on network

nu.tar.Z - nu manage user login accounts (create, modify, destroy Unix accounts)

ofiles.tar.Z - ofiles who has a file open

Orion - Project Orion. Freeware replacement for ps and sar. UnixWare2, Solaris 2.4 and SCO UNIX.

pget - Is a powerful quick and dirty bourne shell script to mangae your passwords that are kept inside a PGP encrypted file. you have the ability add/edit/search a password.

printacct.tar.Z - printacct print accounting information in human readable form

priv.tar.Z - priv allows the use of Unix commands with the possibility of emulating different user ids.

prterror.tar.Z - prterror formatted output with system error message

prune.tar.Z - prune prune log files in place

pwget.tar.Z - pwget get password and group information

rcheck.tar.Z - rcheck check for users logging in and out from systems on the local network

req - is a tracking system based around this paradigm: people with problems or questions send requests via email to a group responsible for dealing with those issues. Those requests are assigned numbers that can be tracked and managed in various ways.

ru.tar.Z - ru compact lists of users on all "visible" systems

safe.tar.Z - safe kill a process after specified time.

symbel (SE) - An interpreted language that provides an extensive toolkit for building performance tools and utilities. If you are fed up with the limitations of vmstat, iostat and sar, then this is the tool for you.

sendpage7a.tar.Z - Software to send a text or numeric message to an alpha-numeric pager. I know, we all hate these things, but sometimes it is nice to know that something is broken before the users complain.

SysInfo - Display system info such as CPU, memory, and devices.

sysdaemon - is a System monitor daemon written in perl5. Being reasonably generic it should be suitable for many different unices. Its purpose is to monitor the components that make up a unix server.

tapemgr.tar.Z - tapemgr manage tape drives, by restricting access to only one user.

timed.tar.Z - timed time- and name-servers

tty-watcher - A utility to monitor and control users on a single system.

UofU_DNS_Tools - DNS management via the Web. Beta Quality installation but it works very nicely for large sites.

unfsd.tar.Z - unfsd user-level NFS daemons

untamo.tar.Z - untamo Idle terminal and multiple login monitor daemon.

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