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UNIX (Enhanced) Commands

atl.tar.Z - atl list a job waiting to be run

bmgsubs.tar.Z - bmgsubs Boyer-Moore-Gosper string search routines

bsearchstr.tar.Z - bsearchstr binary search a sorted file of random-length strings

bsort.tar.Z - bsort bubble sort

command.tar.Z - command do Unix command

cookie.tar.Z - cookie yet another fortune cookie

cron.tar.Z - cron daemon to execute scheduled commands (Vixie's Cron)

dbcopy.tar.Z - dbcopy double buffered copy programmes

diskcopy.tar.Z - diskcopy copy partitions from one disk to another

fastgrep.tar.Z - fastgrep regular expression handler

le.tar.Z - le extended ls (file information)

man.tar.Z - man print manual pages

nicedaemon.tar.Z - nicedaemon automatic renice for long running jobs

nmatch.tar.Z - nmatch generalized string matching routines

nwho.tar.Z - nwho column sorted, aliased list of who's logged-on

para.tar.Z - para find paragraph containing string

pf.tar.Z - pf print file with automatic multicolumning

qsubst.tar.Z - qsubst query/substitute strings in files

regex.tar.Z - regex regular expression handling

regexp.tar.Z - regexp regular expression handler

revgrep.tar.Z - revgrep search a file for a pattern backwards, provide tails

s5finger.tar.Z - s5finger Who is on the system

session.tar.Z - session record terminal sessions to file

skill.tar.Z - skill send signal to specified processes

spiff.tar.Z - spiff make controlled approximate comparisons between files

strcmp8.tar.Z - strcmp8 string comparison using lookup tables

string2.tar.Z - string2 additions to string(3) strindex and strreplace

stringlib.tar.Z - stringlib public domain implementation of strings(3)

strings.tar.Z - strings find printable strings in files

survey.tar.Z - survey print a string followed by current date

swho.tar.Z - swho screen based who

symbel (SE) - An interpreted language that provides an extensive toolkit for building performance tools and utilities. If you are fed up with the limitations of vmstat, iostat and sar, then this is the tool for you.

tee.tar.Z - tee public domain version of tee(1)

uptime.tar.Z - uptime uptime for System V

vitals.tar.Z - vitals crc, sum, line, word, and character counts

whatcomm.tar.Z - whatcomm locate a command

whois.tar.Z - whois netwide finger

wildmat.tar.Z - wildmat expand wildcards in strings

xargs.tar.Z - xargs execute a command with many arguments

zap.tar.Z - zap interactive process killer

zonk.tar.Z - zonk send a signal to all processes owned by a user

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