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Network Software

3bnet.tar.Z - 3bnet who's alive on 3bnet

alex.tar.Z - alex automatic library exchange for PC-to-PC and PC-to-Unix file transfers

analyser - An X-based tool which generates segmentation recommendations for a particular Ethernet network segment.

argus - A generic IP network transaction auditing tool. Argus runs as an application level daemon, promiscuously reading network datagrams from a specified interface, and generates network traffic status records for the network activity that it encounters.

Big Brother - A Web-based Unix Network Monitoring and Notification System

bing - A point-to-point bandwidth measurement tool (hence the 'b'), based on ping.

cap60 - communcation with appletalk devices via unix.

deuna.tar.Z - deuna DEC DEUNA 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface

etherman - Local Network monitoring Tool. - etherman other sites

fixtcp.tar.Z - fixtcp getting rid of 4.2bsd TCP connections hung in the FIN_WAIT_2 state

GateD - modular software program consisting of core services, a routing database, and protocol modules supporting multiple routing protocols (RIP versions 1 and 2, DCN HELLO, OSPF version 2, EGP version 2 and BGP version 2 through 4.)

icmpinfo - a small tool that monitors and decode Icmp messages, It can helps debugging of some networking problems (like bad connections, nuke / bombs detection,...)

inet.tar.Z - inet client/server model for BSD 4.3

interman - Network monitoring tool. interman other sites

llnl xdir - Manages files in a heterogeneous network. It provides a graphical user interface for file transfer and for direct manipulation of local and remote directories on UNIX.

llnl xftp - An X Window FTP Client.

MyWhois - MyWhois is a free Perl script wrapper for the whois command. Provides whois caching for faster lookups, and auto-detects networks and domain names.


netatalk - Export disks and printers from unix machines to macs, print from unix machine to appletalk printers. Netatalk installation guide to setting up Appletalk services on your Linux machine.

nnstat - Configurable network statistics sniffing and gathering tool.

nttcp - The nttcp program measures the transferrate (and other numbers) on a TCP (or UDP) connection.

packetman - Network packet monitoring tool.

PSU-ARL - wuarchive-ftpd(wu-ftpd) is a replacement ftp server for Un*x systems.

rfsd.tar.Z - rfsd simple remote file access

rlogin.tar.Z - rlogin 4.2BSD rlogin performance enhancements

rstat.tar.Z - rstat gather remote statistics

samba - Redirect disks and printers to Unix disks and printers from Lan Manager clients, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 clients, Windows NT clients and OS/2 clients.

scotty - a tcl interpreter that has extensions to set up TCP and UDP connections, to submit ICMP packets, to query the domain name system (DNS), to check clock screw using the NTP protocol and to query various SUN RPC services (like rstat and mountd).

slip.tar.Z - slip implementation of tcp/ip over asyncronous tty lines (4.2BSD)

tcpic.tar.Z - tcpic pictorial representation of tcp connections

telnetd.tar.Z - telnetd patches to 4.3 to move part of telnet into kernel

tkined - A drawing program that allows you to create maps of your network configuration. But the most important feature of tkined is its tcl-based programming interface that allows you to use tkined as a GUI for a network management system.

traceroute - Traces a packets route.

uucp-tcp.tar.Z - uucp-tcp patches to 4.2 UUCP to run over TCP/IP

whois.tar.Z - whois netwide finger

xnetup - Netup / xnetup is a set of tools which monitor the availability of a set of IP connected equipements. Netup does all network activity (with the help of fping) and logging whereas Xnetup is a convenient user interface which uses the output from Netup.

xsysstats - A system information display tool similar to perfmeter. It displays its information in the form of a strip chart. It can also display information about remote hosts, as perfmeter can do.

xwho - A client-server-application for providing users and administrators with a view of the logins in a LAN.

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