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Development Software Vendors

Bluestone, Inc. - Unix Development tools including GUI, Object Oriented, Database and Client/Server application development.

Cobra Systems, Inc. - Bar Code Printing for Unix! Print from Any Application or Program, i.e. RPG, COBOL, C/C++, etc. To any Dot Matrix or Laser Printer!

Dakota Software, Inc. - Custom software development Windows, MS/DOS, Unix

Dataviews X-Designer 4 - a full line of graphical software tools for developers of the human-computer interface.

DIOSS - Gives the developer all the tools he/she needs to create and distribute applications.

Franz Inc. - The developer of several ANSI-standard Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) programming tools for Unix and PC platforms.

hav.Software - C++ class libraries for Backpropagation and SOM Neural Nets (PC & UNIX) demos.

ILOG, Inc. - Advanced C++ Software Components which are high performance, portable and cost-effective.

Imagix Corporation - Program understanding and documentation tools for complex/legacy C and C++.

Inmark Development Corp. - Simplifies creating Grapical User Interface applications that are portable across the most popular operating systems.

Integrated Computer Solutions - Offers tools which make it easier and faster to develop mission-critical applications.

IPT Corporation - A fully-integrated Product Development organization an also provide software development tools for UNIX, VMS, and MS-Windows.

KL Group - Premier supplier of low-cost Graphical User Interface (GUI) software objects for the X community.

Latitude Group, Inc. - Developes cross-platform development tools and software that allow Macintosh programs to run on a variety of platforms.

LOOX Software - The software developement solution to interactive graphics for your GUI.

Metro Link - third-party provider of X-Window System software for UNIX or UNIX-like operating systems.

Microport - Unix, Unixware, device drivers, total net, totalnet, web servers, unix support.

Mortice Kern Systems Inc. - We're a leading-edge software company specializing in application development tools, software configuration management, open systems and Internet communications. (Unix compression utilites)

Presentation Graphics SDK, The - A professional business charting library for Macintosh, Power Macintosh, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 95, OS/2 and UNIX.

TakeFive Software - A programming environment for UNIX developers working with C, C++ and other languages.

Trident Systems Incorporated - Stop writing design documents. Generate them. SDDGen lets you focus on capturing your design ideas, not writing documents. It's all X, multi-user, and costs less than $1,200.

UniPress Software - Development Tools - Unix application development tools.

UNIBOL - software development and execution environments for the UNIX operating system.

Wind/U - The Bristol Technology family of Wind/U products offers developers compatibility between Microsoft Windows and UNIX/Motif.

Visual Numerics - Provider of powerful numerics, graphics, data analysis, and charting solutions.

X Inside Incorporated - UNIX X Server graphical developers, offering highest performance and reliability. OpenGL, PEX, Multimedia (MPEG, XVideo, etc) drivers are available or can be developed.

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