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Emulation Software Vendors

Boston Business Computing - provides software tools that eliminate the need for retraining when moving from OpenVMS to UNIX, MS-Windows, Windows-NT, Windows95, and MS-DOS.

Bristol Technology Inc - Bristol is a leading developer of graphical user interface development tools, such as HyperHelp, the on-line help standard, and Xprinter* for UNIX System-based products.

Century Software, Inc. - TCP/IP networking, PC to UNIX connectivity, NFS, FTP, script language, file transfer, terminal emulation for SCO, Wyse, DG, VT and many more.

Fundamental Software - OPEN/370 emulates the System/370 in software on PC/UNIX platforms.

Gallagher & Robertson A/S - Terminal emulation, network printer emulation, file transfer and electronic mail on the PC, Macintosh and Unix platforms.

ICL Software Technologies - Download FREE OF CHARGE the evaluation version of Centrivex Swift, the new toolset from ICL Software Technologies. Providing access to over 45 Unix-style tools from a Windows interface, Swift allows you to use your existing skills on the latest Windows platforms!

Insignia Solutions - PC Emulators for the UNIX and PowerMacintosh.

JSB - If you are running legacy application on UNIX and you need to integrate PCs, thin clients or UNIX character terminals quickly and cost effectivly, JSB has a software solution for you.

MKS ToolKit - Unix Commands that run on a PC.

PCUTE - a PC UNIX Terminal Emulatation (hence PCUTE) software. It is available in a base product, a plus product which includes file transfer capabilities and enhanced which has a TCP/IP component.

Pericom Software - specialise in advanced terminal emulation for DEC, IBM, Tandem, Prime, Wyse, Stratus and more, file transfer and connectivity tools for MS-Windows and Unix, X11, Motif environments.

PowerTerm - Complete MS Windows terminal emulation for VT320/420, SCO, DG, Wyse, IBM 3270/5250, etc. File transfer, Newt stack, macros and MUCH more from UniPress.

Treehouse Software, Inc. - SEDIT is a UNIX editor which emulates the mainframe XEDIT and PDF editors, providing users with a familiar editing environment under UNIX. SEDIT provides both character-based and GUI-based editing modes.

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