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Management Tools Software Vendors

AppTrack - Panther Software's AppTrack, you easily and accurately track software usage across unix platforms. AppTrack will analyse your existing FLEX lm and Elan license files, as well as track any non-licensed application.

Australian Software Innovations - ASI is a leading supplier of UNIX(tm) system software. Our main product is a system and database monitor.

Candle Corporation - Availability and resource management for mainframe and distributed enterprise environments: MVS, UNIX, Windows NT, NetWare, SNMP, Oracle, Sybase, SP2.

CraySoft - markets batch, system management, and FORTRAN 90 UNIX workstation software.

COMMAND/Post(TM) - With UNIX-based COMMAND/Post(TM), you can establish a central point-of-control for your entire enterprise, regardless of the devices and platforms it contains. From one powerful, centralized workstation, you have a consolidated, integrated view of all the elements and management systems in your enterprise.

Ensign - A ready-to-use, out-of-the-box systems management solution for client/server environments. Ensign features pre-set automation modules that enable you to quickly gain proactive command and control of your multiplatform client/server enterprise.

FD Software - FD Software develops and market Distributed System Management products for Open Systems based on Unix platforms. FD Software is committed to provide real multi-vendor operations and management solutions that take advantage of, and comply to, the emerging standards for systems management in heterogeneous and homogeneous environments.

Instrumental, Inc. - performance management, operations, and accounting tools, technology and services for the UNIX marketplace.

PATROL - the PATROL family of products. PATROL products reduce the complexity of managing distributed systems.

MetaMANAGE - data management tools from BMC Software allows DBAs, systems administrators and application developers to perform database management and object browsing operations.

Nebula-ICC (Integrated Control Center) - a systems management framework that allows you to manage your data and applications in a highly distributed network computing environment.

Nutec Corporation - Unix-based office automation tools.

Olympus Software - Producer of system optimization and compression software for SCO UNIX.

OpenService - A leading supplier of system management products, and offers the strongest and most scalable event management system for distributed client/server UNIX environments.

Open Systems Management - OSM provides a systems management suite, including batch processing, print management, security, and backup and recovery tools.

Opis Datensysteme GmbH - Performance Monitoring for UNIX Systems, Databases and Applications

Panther Software Corp.'s AppTrack - easily and accurately tracks software usage across UNIX platforms.

SMART Corporation - provides award-winning tools and training for developing data warehouse systems or migrating legacy systems into the Oracle RDBMS.

Syncsort, Inc. - Syncsort Inc. develops high performance systems software for sorting, data manipulation and network backup. Sort software speeds high-volume applications and data warehouse chores. Backup software features central control for heterogeneous networks.

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