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Operating System Vendors

A/UX - Apple


Amdahl Open Enterprise Systems - Amdahl's SVR4-based native-mode mainframe Unix and large-server edition of Solaris for Sun SPARC servers.

BSD OS - BSD Incorporated

UNICOS - CraySoft's

Debian GNU/Linux - Debian GNU/Linux is a complete and powerful Unix-compatible operating system for IBM PC and compatible machines with an 80386 or faster processor.

DG/UX - Data General

FreeBSD - A port of BSD 4.4 Lite to the PC platform with an emphasis on ease-of-installation and stability under heavy load (see also: Free and with full source, an admin's dream OS for web, ftp and NFS servers, IP gateways and firewalls, home development systems, you name it!

HP-UX 10 - Hewlett Packard

IRIX 5.3 - Silicon Graphics (SGI)

Lasermoon - Specialists in Unix Freeware such as Linux and FreeBSD and internet connectivity and related software. We are manufacturers, distributors and suppliers for a wide range of products which can be found in our catalogue. Lasermoon Catalogue

MachTen - Tenon Intersystems produces a BSD UNIX and Mach implementation for Apple Macintosh computers.

Minix - Andrew Tanenbaum

NetBSD -

OSF/1 - Digital Equipment Corporation

Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) - UNIX operating systems and related solutions for the PC industry and Client Integration solutions

Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) - Mexico - The Santa Cruz Operation Mexico Web Page

Sector7 - OpenVMS to Unix migration. Includes technical information and white pages.

Solaris - Sun Microsystem

Solbourne Computers - Grumman Systems Support, Systems Support corporation is the source for Solbourne computer hardware and software support. Web/ftp patches & information, help desk, support.

SPARC64/OS - HAL Computer Systems

system V - Unix for Intel x86 processors.

Topix - Sequoia Systems

UnixWare - Novell's UNIX

UTS - Amdahl's

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