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Y2K Articles

Dealing with the Problem
An Action Checklist
Year 2000: The Millennium Rollover - (X Open)
Year 2000: The Millennium Rollover; Practical advice for users of the Single UNIX® Specification - (X/Open Working Group)
Locate your Manufacturer
Year 2000 Audit Guideline
ITAA's Year 2000 Product Questionnaire

Background to the Year 2000 Computer Date Proble
Why Has The Year 2000 Problem Happened? - (Michael Gerner). What caused the so-called Millennium Bug?
When is the Millennium - (Greenwich Observatory)
Will The Year 2000 Problem Affect Me?
What impact will the Year 2000 Date Problem in computers have on the lives of people and local communities?
Why you need to deal with it NOW
The Year 2000 Problem - (a brief explanation for the small business)
Year 2000 (Y2K) Problem Plain English Summary

For those that Deny it.
Year 2000 - Fifty Excuses for not doing anything - (Peter de Jager). Do you know any manager who is complacent, in denial, or has blocked the issue out - in fact, a very poor manager. His excuses are probably here.

Legal issues dealing with Y2k.
Who may be held legally liable for this problem?
The Millennium Time Bomb - Legal Considerations - (Roger Bickerstaff and Mark O'Conor)
Legal Guidelines on Millennium Date Change Issues - User Guide (Tarlo Lyons, UK)
Ten Management And Ten Legal Pitfalls - Regarding The Year 2000 Computer Problem That You May Not Have Considered, YET! (By: Warren S. Reid and Steven Brower)
More Legal Articles

Where you might find problems
Where you might find problems in your business
Where to look for Computer systems

Will your Facilities Manager be liable for your systems' failure in 2000?
Y2K Contracts - WhenYour Back is against the Wall, you do not need Leverage to Succeed
Vendor Liability and the Y2000 Crisis
The Year 2000 Problem: An Ethical View - IS professionals
Year 2000 Compliance / Warranties
ITAA's Year 2000 Product Questionnaire
The domino effect - What about Your Suppliers and Customers
Third-Party Time Bombs - Most industries focus on their internal conversion concerns

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