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What The Heck Happened To UGU?

So here is the scoop on UGU.

We wanted to update UGU. Too many people were saying get with the times. Half us here still want to use vi and not emacs, ascii terminals and not X, command lines and not GUI's. So we compromised. The primary site is the new format and the original UGU format is still around.

We hope everyone likes it. The plan was to create a clean and useful site that Unix Administrators can benefit from. We have never gotten away from our initial vision. The new format includes:

  • Unix News from Yahoo, RootPrompt
  • Unix related Stock Quotes from Yahoo
  • Usenet News from Google
  • Showcases Major Unix Contributors
  • Unix Tip of the Day
  • What's Hot or Not
  • Excuse generator
  • Great Shopping Ideas

    While the new format will function pretty good under IE, it was written with FIREFOX in mind.

    UGU was created by Unix Admins for Unix Admins. If there is something you like or dislike, let us know. Be gentle though. The admins working on the site still put in long hours as real admins and then work the site.

    We are still tuning UGU and cleaning up broken links. There is something TOTALLY AMAZING around the corner, that we hope to premier in January. So keep coming back!!!



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