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Kirk's Projects / Scripts

iPhone / SmartPhone
rmp - RMP is a Remote Music Player that allows remote control over music playing on a Linux computer. The music can be controlled remotely with a web interface, cellphone, or through a command line shell interface.
mod - Music On Demand. It queries a mp3 music collection and plays it on an iPhone.
iget - Is a powerful quick and dirty search that searches a named flat file quickly from a browser, iphone or smartphone. It is an enhanced version of get . A list containis typical information you don't want to forget. Store anything you will need to search and recover quickly. address book info, commands, host information, software info, URL's, ANYTHING...

archive2iso - takes a directory tree and randomizes the files in the tree to stripe the files across several ISO files that can be archived or burned off to a CD. The intended use is to stripe files across multiple CD/DVD randomly so if one disc is damaged all the images that were in the same directory will not be lost since files are spread across multiple disks. The actual files themselves are not split, all files remain in their original state. An example of an intended use is where you have a series of valuable vacation photos that could span 6 CD for all your photos in your collection. archive2iso would spread them out across the 6 CD's so if 1 of the 6 cd's is lost, you only loose 1/6th of your images. Which is better than loosing all of them!
dups - finds duplicate entries in a file, strips them out, and outputs to a new file.
get - Is a powerful quick and dirty search script that will search one or several named flat files or lists quickly from a shell. Lists contain typical information you don't want to forget. Store anything you will need to search and recover quickly. address book info, commands, host information, software info, URL's, ANYTHING...
getmap - get's the latest Traffice, Weather, Earthquake map for California, California Power grid, and some city webcams.
getwan - Since your home network WAN address is has a DHCP lease set by your ISP, you may not know when/if the IP changes. If you work outside on the internet, it is nice to know what the new IP is. This Will pass local WAN to another server so you can find out what the address is.
id3out - id3out will output the ID3 tags on an mp3 file. Not only will it do individual files, but it will do all the files in a directory, or files listed in a file for batch processing of the id3tages.
ipm - IP manager is a quick and simple way to manager all your networks, who and what is on which vlan or network. A perfect little management tool.
kbase - is a simple Knowledge Base that can be used to store problems and solutions used for recovering later if the problem happens again.
kile - kile stands for (K)irk's (I)nfamous (L)ine (E)ditor. A very simple user friendly line editor. In the days before VI, "ed" sucked! So kile was written.
leo - Log Entry Organizer - puts a message into a daily monthly logfile to be retrieved at a later date. This is the predecessor to slej before web browsers were invented.
mat - Management Account Tool is a nice little flat file database that can be adapted almost anything. Use the version that is right for you, or just create your own database. There are easily modifiable 3,4,5,6 field mats. Use it for managing anything from IP's, phonebook, office personel, racks, spare parts, tapes, UID's, wines, outages, just about anything....
pget - Is a powerful quick and dirty bourne shell script to mangae your passwords that are kept inside a PGP encrypted file. you have the ability add/edit/search a password.
portmgr - Port Manager [adapted from ipm] is a quick and simple way to manager all your network ports for a small network. Track what is plugged into which port on your network switch.
pdb - Problem Data Base PROGRAM. This is simply a knowledge base. It is the predecessor to "kbase" before there were any web browsers it is all menu based from a shell.
random - A simple number randomizer. It will find a random number between 1 and "X". Pass it 100 and it outputs a random number between 1 and 100.
range - A simple script that outputs a range of number from 1 to x. range2 is an older version before the "seq" came out.
server_outages - Adapted from Management Account Tool (mat), but does soooo much more this CGI server outages that take place.
slej - Single Line Enty Journal is the perfect one line entry journal for quick journal entries. It was designed for managers to track their employees or for employees that needed to log the work they performed throughout the day quickly. You can search or display journals by day for easy cutting/pasting into documents.
todo - Todo Issues - A task manager/tracker or ticketing system of tasks that need to be completed. It was designed to track an I.T. organization's workload and projects.
webcams - is a simple to configure script that pulls down webcam images from various cities and builds a web page to view all of them.
zipit - will recusively compress all files from the current directory down.

Neuros Technology OSD
iradio - is a script to play internet radio stations on the OSD.
musique - musique is a scripts that will help create playlists for the OSD. It is a menu driven and can shuffle playlists so you can listen to random tunes within your playlist.

checksplunk - Checksplunk is a non-obtrusive Perl script for Splunk Administrators to understand the health and integrity of Splunk and the server(s) Splunk is running on. It doesn't write anything to the system or any splunk config files. It doesn't change or modify anything, it only reads information that readily available from the server or within Splunk.
spdash - Spdash is a web based dashboard for Splunk Administrators to monitor Splunk servers. It relies on data collected from checksplunk.
check4spikes - Takes a total count of all events for each host, then waits for 1 second, performs the same check again. then calculates the difference in time to provide a list and count of the top 10 hosts that are spiking splunk with the largest number of events per second.
checkcount - counts the number of unique servers from each datacenter depends on "listhosts" script to work.
checkerrors - checks the splunk log files for any errors and reports back.
checkiostat - collect "count" number of disk I/O utilization percentage on the primary splunk storage
getdiags - This script will generate a splunk diag remotely from a web server. It will retrieve it from the Splunk server to the web server so a person can download it to their local computer and so it can be uploaded to splunk support. If a splunk diag has already been generated, an option to retrieve the last generated splunk diag is also available.
listhosts - simply outputs the list of all hosts that splunk knows about
listuser - will list all the users by username, fullname and role
log2splunk - when you need to send something quickly to splunk for testing. - parses the Splunk 3.x savesearches.conf file and outputs the stanzas into a user directory where the stanzas are written into a file named after the userid of the stanza to comply with Splunk 4.x standards
send2splunk - will send standard input or a file to splunk
spsearch - is a simple command line splunk searching searching command line that will search splunk for a pattern
splunk_hogs - is a perl script that sends email output of all the nodes that are sending a large number of events to splunk. This helps find those that turn Debug/INFO or, or issues/events within the environment that no one is paying attention to.
userinfo - makes the best attempt to get the last search queries a user makes inside splunk.

UGU Website
Show - 2900 lines of code that Drives the entire site.
Addlink - a simple script that to add a link in the appropriate spot
Feedback - a simple script to leave feedback to the ugu admins/moderators
RssCollector - Collects and processes various rss feeds that UGU uses.

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